When is the Right Time to Monetize Your WordPress Account with AdSense?

If you have an approved Google AdSense account, then you can add ads the moment you start a blog. But the con here is that if you have no decent traffic base, then you won’t be able to earn money. As a matter of fact, to make more money, many bloggers overload their blog with ads which annoys your readers and create a bad image of you. It also diverts your focus from making your blog grow. Instead of placing your ad from day 1, wait until you gain 100 visitors per day. This will help you earn more. But if you are still adamant on placing ads since day 1, rather than focusing on your ads, try to monetize it with affiliate marketing. As these affiliate links are naturally added in the content, they never annoy your readers. When you hire experts to do the same, ask them to also make Use Google Ads Keyword Planner.

If you don’t have an approved Google AdSense account, follow the tips:

  1. Go through AdSense policies to ensure that your blog is aligned to them.
  2. Create resources on the blog that can be helpful for your user.
  3. Ensure to not publish content which are of forbidden nature
  4. Always provide good user experience on your blog. Choose a WordPress theme that doesn’t annoy your readers
  5. The traffic doesn’t matter. If your application is rejected because you think it was the low traffic, nope. Just make sure your blog is aligned to the AdSense policies.