What to Know About an Armstrong Ceiling Grid

One of the most popular types of ceiling tiles is made by Armstrong. They are used in many different environments, including hospitals, schools, offices, and hotels. These products are also called Zentia products, as this is their new brand, but the products are the same as those they have produced for more than 150 years. In addition, Armstrong is committed to a sustainable future, and they make safe, sustainable products through responsible raw material selection, energy-saving performance features, and diverting waste to recycling.

The Armstrong Bioguard

Armstrong offers different types of ceiling tiles, including the Armstrong Bioguard. This range is easy to clean and has resistance to disinfectants. It offers antimicrobial performance, so it is a great option for suspended ceilings in healthcare facilities. This Armstrong ceiling grid comes in an acoustic version for those who need soundproofing.

The Armstrong Dune

The Armstrong Dune is the most popular range in the UK. It has a modern appearance with a face that is sand-textured. This gives the ceiling a clean finish, but it balances performance and cost. The light texture added to the micro-perforated surface offers sound absorption, which helps create more privacy. This ceiling tile range has many different sizes, edges, colours, and upgrades, which is what makes it so popular.

The Armstrong Fine Fissured

Another popular Armstrong ceiling tile is the Armstrong Fine Fissured. It offers good all around technical attributes. It is reasonably priced, so it is often chosen as the entry-level option in retail spaces, schools, and offices. It has a surface that is non-directional, so it provides Class C sound absorption. The tiles come in black and white.

The Armstrong Tatra

The Armstrong Tatra is another popular ceiling tile, and it has been one of the most popular for more than 30 years. It offers performance and value, and it is used by schools, offices, and retail spaces.

The Armstrong Ultima

The Armstrong Ultima ceiling tile is a bright white colour, and it offers high light reflectance. In addition, it has a finely textured surface. It is often used in healthcare facilities.

The Armstrong Perla

Finally, the Armstrong perla offers excellent acoustic properties as well as light reflectance. It has a bright white finish, which makes it a great choice for car showrooms and high-end retail spaces.

Final Words

When you are choosing ceiling tiles for a project, there are several great options manufactured by Armstrong. They offer simplicity, function, and style for any project.