The Need For Payroll Service To The Film Industry

It is not the regular IT companies that require Payroll service but also the film industry too. Often, it becomes hard for the producer to manage all things associated with pay management. Right from looking for the right director to looking after the child actor lawyers, the production team must make sure everything works in their way. That is when the film payroll service providers can be helpful. Such an expertise team ensures that right from the mountains of paperwork to other payroll administration everything is handled in a careful manner.

Deal with the paperwork:

One of the reasons when film payroll can prove to be a blessing is when there is ample paper stack that needs to be filled out. The payroll service providers would ensure whether it is union form, contractor agreement or the I-9s form, everything gets organized and filled out in the right manner. It is important to keep track of such document’s which for any producer can be quite tricky especially if a traditional payroll service is chosen. In the era of digitization, the professional payroll service supports organization and storing all the documents online.


Irrespective of how many employees the production house has got, the process payroll requires time and attention for the fine detailing. If the right action is not taken on time, then business priorities can get disturbed. That is when a professional film payroll service should be chosen. Outsourcing to such an expert provider can help the owner focus on other important things too. There are some cases where different choices of payroll are offered to the producer by which maximum time gets saved throughout the pay span. There might also be some additional tasks like new hiring to be done or administration benefits to be availed which of course will be taken care of by payroll management.

Services for cast and crew payroll include:

  • Hour calculations based as per Timecards
  • State employee tax withholdings
  • Insurance claim administration
  • 401(k) and other retirements
  • ATL & BTL paycheck processing
  • Federal employee tax withholdings
  • Employer payroll tax contributions
  • Union pension, health and welfare contributions
  • Administration for unions like SAG-AFTRA, DGA, WGA, IATSE, and Teamsters
  • Workers compensation insurance coverage

Overall, such expert payroll service offers the strategic management that many producers prefer. It offers a competitive edge and ensures every payroll period is followed by another one without wasting time.


The reason why the demand for film payroll companies is increasing is that it offers convenience with function and saves the time of the production team. Production works on the busy schedule along with the team members to measure sure every project is released on time. With the right payroll solution, the production team can at least focus on the creative aspect of the film. To shoot a film might last less than a week and then the crucial phase of the payroll starts. But producers often use such companies to also deal with new hires reporting, unemployment, and payroll tax filing.