The Conduct of Shame and Indignity by Abiola Oke 

Recently there has been a roar against the CEO and the publisher of OkayPlayer and OkayAfrica. He is misbehaving with the female employees and making them suffer under the company roof. In the process, Oke is made to step down and resign from his position as what he is doing is not acceptable to the rest of the world. A statement has gone viral demanding the resignation of the CEO, and it is said that he should be removed from his position. From the year 2015 to 2020, several black women have been working across the platform of OkayPlayer, and since then, they have been dissatisfied with the conduct of Abiola.

Condition of the Female Workers

These women suffered due to a lack of support and resources and revolted hard to make Abiola Oke resign from his position. The women were given much lesser salaries when compared to the market remuneration, and due to faulty leadership, the women were subjected to long-time suffering. They were being targeted and sabotaged intentionally, and they were exposed to the kind of abuse and verbal slander to make them suffer and feel the agony under the roof. This is something highly undesirable as such conduct on the part of the CEO will make the workplace atmosphere sullied.

Group Allegation against Abiola 

Abiola was known for his wrong behavior and his gaslighting tendency. He had no empathy towards the employees and was known for being less rational and an effective manipulator. The female worker stated that Oke often terminated people without showing proper reasons. There were even other people on Twitter coming up with the same allegations, including the woman who has claimed that Oke has been sexually harassing people. When Abiola was in position and authority, he took full advantage of making people suffer under the roof.

The harassment by Oke

Abiola had been making the wrong use of his power and was trying to influence the specific woman badly. He was continuously harassing her with the kind of sexual perversion. She was verbally abused when she tried to stop Oke and protested against what he was doing. Under the situation of anonymity, the woman stated her experience with the CEO, and she was all tears and rage with the thought of getting sabotaged by Abiola. The woman was confident to speak in public against the CEO as his actions were beyond expectation.

Wrong Doing by Oke

When Abiola Oke was in authority over the women, he showed his real color and started calling the woman bad names. However, the woman hopes that following what she had done, the others would be encouraged, and they would raise their voice against Abiola. The CEO was trying to get access to her personal space, and because of his position and conduct, the woman could not refuse his sex offers. Previously, Oke has worked on humanitarian grounds. However, what he is doing at present is strikingly opposite to his nature of office and professional exposure.