Purchase Time for Major New Electrical Appliances

Buying a large appliance needs you to plan ahead, as you get lots of time to get a good deal. Waiting for the appliance to breakdown can pressurize you to make a hurried decision. For example, if you buy a large refrigerator during Black Friday, the discounts you can expect is as high as 40%. You can say there are certain times in a year, which are great for buying a dishwasher, stoves, fridge, washers & dryers, etc.

Get an idea, when your electrical appliance’s performance will possibly decline or stop working. It allows you to properly choose a replacement before your old appliance breaks. You can get good value for the money.

Keep track of your électroménagers [electrical appliances] performance. For example, if your refrigerator is using a lot of energy, which gets reflected in the utility bill, then it is time to plan your purchase. Visit meselectros.com and check the collection of kitchen appliances they sell.

Purchase time for a major new appliance

September & October

During September & October, appliance manufacturers introduce the latest models. It means the previous year’s model will move to the discounted list, to make space for new versions that will hit the appliance stores in winter.


Some stores hold on to their old inventory as they transit from the previous year’s model to the current one. The moment New Year starts, the previous year’s model in the stock has to be sold on discount, but the options you get to choose will be limited.


Many refrigerator brands launch their new products in summer. It means the last generation will go on the spring sale list.

Holiday weekend

Many retailers host sales corresponding to Labor Day, 4th of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day, Memorial Day, President’s Day, etc. Even Black Friday and Cyber Monday are an ideal time for the purchase of major appliances. Ensure to compare quotes and then make a purchase decision.


On weekends, furniture and appliance stores are busy. Under such conditions, you may feel rushed in making a decision. Therefore, to avoid weekend traffic, you go appliance shopping on weekdays. You can adjust your work schedule and visit the appliance store. The sales rep will offer more attention and even you get a chance to negotiate a better deal.


At month-end, many appliances are subject to quotas or sold on commission. It is an excellent moment to negotiate. Never hesitate! You won’t get a lower price is the worst thing that can happen, so negotiate.

Online you can buy anytime because the prices on appliances are always good. The only factor to consider is shipping.