Know Your Hat: Features Of A Baseball Hat

Baseball hats have gained immense popularity over the years. This could be because of their popularity among baseball players. You may have been so overwhelmed by the style brought by these hats that you are less concerned about their features. But the fact is, knowing about these features is never a bad idea as it gives you an idea of what to look out for when going to buy one. Moreover, knowing about them will not leave you lost when your friends or peers start discussing fashion trends surrounding the use of hats. So, before you decide to order the next set of cattle company hats or any other, you should have a grasp of the features a regular baseball hat possesses. You need not look any further; the “top-to-bottom” of a baseball hat is discussed right here.


This is the part of the hat that is at the position of your forehead – when a hat is worn. It imposes form on the hat, and it is against this backdrop that we can either have structured or unstructured hats. The structured baseball hat is designed to have a predefined form right from the stable of the manufacturer. There are more structured baseball hats than the unstructured type in the market today.


The eyelets refer to some holes – usually not more than two – neatly made around the topmost part of the hat’s panel. It is in place to ensure that the wearer of the hat gets some ventilation to his/her scalp. Some baseball hats may not have these eyelets – but it would be nice if one could get a baseball hat with eyelets.


You may also get to see some baseball hats featuring a button right at the top. This feature is basically there to give the hat some sort of aesthetic appeal. Getting rid of this button may not only deface the hat but also ruin the shape of the hat.


The panel is primarily the part that gives the hat its shape. It may be safe to say that there can never be a baseball hat without the panels. A Series of panels is usually constructed together to make a well-made piece. For a baseball hat; the panels may be between five and six (panels).


The visor is the portion [of the hat] that follows the panel, and its style determines how much of a covering the eyes and face will get while the hat is worn. It is the style of the visor that tells us the kind of profile attribute a hat reflects. The curved visor style is common with low profile hats while the flat (non-curved) one is associated with high profile baseball hats.


The closure is used for adjusting the hat to make it fit onto the head. The closure used in the production of baseball hats is of varying types – with snapback and strap-back closures being among the most popular options.