How to Make Candles: Candle Making Workshop in Singapore

Are you interested in learning how to make candles? Would you like to learn from the experts on candle making? The Candle Making Workshop is a three-hour workshop. You’ll be able to see first-hand how we produce our beautiful products and then get hands-on instruction in candle making!

This workshop will teach students about: Candle Safety, Color Theory for Candles, How to Make an Appropriate Scented Candle. It might extend till five-hour hands on candle making workshop and you’ll have the opportunity to make one of our beautiful candles!

The Candle Making Workshop usually happens at S$120. You can register whenever you want for this event in Singapore.

The Candle Making Workshop Singapore is a workshop where participants learn how we produce our beautiful products from start to finish.

Candle making is an age-old art that many people have mastered and enjoy doing so for a relaxing, creative hobby! We offer candle making workshops all over the world where you can learn how to make candles or even just try it out with supervision from one of our Candle Professionals.

Some Candle Making Workshops in Singapore also focus on the health and safety aspect of Candle Making with topics such as how to create soy candles, which are safer for people with allergies or asthma.

Others may teach you how to make a scented candle, so that your house smells nice all day long! Candle making is an enjoyable hobby if not outright art form that anyone can enjoy-regardless of their skill level or experience because there is always something new being taught at each workshop venue.

It’s an enjoyable hobby that almost anybody can try out without any experience because there is always something new taught at each venue. I would recommend everyone to definitely try this out if you ever visit Singapore!