How to edit pdf files on iPad and iPhone

It is not easy to edit pdf from their design. It was created 30 years ago as a digital option to replace paperwork. There are several situations you need to edit pdf such as updating your CV or presenting slides with relevant content, adding a few zeros to a sum in a contract and changing the address in an invoice.

You can do that using Pdf expert 7. It is possible to edit pdf text, add links, add and replace images on iPad and iPhone.

How to edit pdf text on iPad and iPhone

 Pdf experts allow you to edit pdf text on iPad and iPhone easily. It automatically detects the font, opacity, and size of the original text and lets you edit in a snap and all changes saved within the file. For convenience reasons, you can display texts as lines or paragraphs. Tap and hold on the text tool, then select the option you need.

Adding new text block to a pdf file on iPad and iPhone

  • Open the file
  • Choose the edit pdf option on the top toolbar and tap the text
  • Click where to insert a text block on the document and start typing
  • Choose the font, size, typeface, text-align and color on the top of your keyboard.
  • Click on the blank space to save modifications
  • Tap and hold a text to move it.

Editing or moving several text blocks at the same time

  • Open a file and select edit pdf from the toolbar on top of your keyboard.
  • Click the content selection tool on the left of the toolbar.
  • Select paragraphs you need to edit
  • A pop-up menu appears, tap properties. It allows you to make changes on text color, typeface, size, font-weight and text-align. The changes apply to the entire selected text.
  • Tap and hold to move chosen paragraphs. Drag them where you need to put them in the document.

How to edit pdf images on iPad and iPhone

You can easily add and replace pdf images, actually within seconds. There are several other tools to modify images. Pdf experts provide you with a unique power that allows you to do everything you want. The following is the guide on how to edit an image in a pdf file;

  • Open the file
  • Select edit pdf from the top toolbar
  • Select the option from the pop-up menu. You can replace, delete, crop, or rotate the image.
  • Tap and hold to resize or move the image.

How to add a new image to a pdf document

  • Open the document and choose edit pdf from the toolbar
  • Select the image
  • Click on the document where you want to place the image
  • Select the image you want to insert
  • Drag, drop or resize the image
  • Tap and select the option from the pop-up menu for whatever you want to do with the image.

How to add links to pdf files

It is easy to add pdf text links on different pages or websites. Besides, you can add links to images. You can add a link when making a pdf presentation or creating a new report. The link provides readers more contexts and builds flawless cross-reference that adds credibility to work done.