How the use of quality graphics can rejuvenate your club

Sat relaxing at home you feel most contented and happy after what you and your colleagues have achieved spending the summer as chairman of the cricket club that you love dearly that having played for them since being a little boy. Your own career and raising a family meant you missed several years before your return when you found it in a mess, short of players and with neglected clubrooms.

The committee was tired and needed a boost. There was a real chance that the club might fold. You put together a plan that was happily accepted, and through hard work and help by using the services Ideal Graphics to announce a local presence you have the club heading in a positive direction. It was time to get the message out there in the community by employing several tactics.

  • First up, the club needed to increase number of participants playing the game. The local cricket authority assisted by providing some junior equipment which was a great shot in the arm. You got the team offering quality graphics to offer you some consultation and ideas, asking them to speak to the marketing and event managers that they have a partnership with and provide 3 banner designs which they then manufactured. One announced that juniors were welcome for free coaching, which worked wonders as it attracted adults, who also saw that new playing members were required on the second banner. The third was a temporary measure to attract the non playing fraternity in the community to use your clubrooms and become social members of the club to help with regular finances.
  • Once the numbers started using the club, it was time for new quality signage to be put in place on the walls of the rooms, which was made of vinyl along with an LED sign that was used whenever the club was open for business.
  • A second hand minibus was acquired to take juniors to games. Again, this was another great opportunity to add premium vinyl graphics so that the club had a presence whenever it was on the road, while also adding pride among the membership.

Yes, you and your fellow committee members put in plenty of hard yards to drag your beloved club off the floor and into the thriving concern it is becoming, but you would never have achieved it without the assistance of a company offering quality ideal graphics.