How Can You Procure An E-Commerce License In Dubai?

The e-commerce industry plays a prevalent role in a nation’s economy. It does everything from creating a new economic activity to increasing revenue and growing employment opportunities. Since Dubai is a business-friendly and technology-driven emirate, e-commerce has emerged speedily. Obtaining the license becomes imperative to establish your e-commerce setup in the region.

Procuring an e-commerce license Dubai legalises your business in the emirate. Plus, you can also perform business activities without restrictions. But how will you obtain the license? To learn about the quintessential steps, read on.

Selecting the Jurisdiction

The initial step is to select the jurisdiction. You get two options – (1) free zone and (2) mainland. With a free zone, your business can flourish in other free zones & outside the UAE. On the other hand, a mainland business allows the business to be within & outside the UAE. A free zone business acquires 100% business ownership and is an affordable choice. So, after you decide on selecting the jurisdiction, follow the next step.

Determine Your Business’s Legal Structure

Consider your business type before anything else:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • A representative Office
  • Proprietorship
  • Corporation

Remember, your decision determines the type of ITR you file besides other legal parameters.

Registering the Business Name

Selecting the business name is the next parameter to consider. It must be quick to remember, thereby reflecting your business’s nature. Consider the business naming conventions in the UAE.

One quick note: Your business name should not include offensive words with religious or political indications. Upon choosing the name, now is the time to obtain the initial approval certificate (NOC from the DED).

Appealing for the License

As soon you choose the jurisdiction, business structure, and name, it’s time to apply for the license. There are different issuing authorities for free zone and mainland setups. While submitting the application, you need these documents:

  • The shareholder’s visa and passport copies
  • Photocopy of sponsors passport or Emirates ID
  • NOC
  • Local service agreement
  • MoA or Memorandum of Association (only required for mainland business)

Applying for the Visa(s)

Apply for the Dubai residence visas of your employees and yours. How many visas you apply for depends on your business size and location.

Open a Corporate Bank Account

Before you start trading, you need to open your corporate bank account. You may get asked to produce documents like:

  • Company trade license
  • Passport copies of shareholders & authorised signatories
  • Source of funds
  • Supplier information
  • Memorandum of Association

Being an exponentially lucrative market, Dubai offers an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to start their e-commerce businesses. So, whether you intend to set up a free zone company or a mainland establishment, get your share of this thriving industry. Following these steps will help you receive the e-commerce license within a few days.

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