How Alex and Ani used Expivi’s 3d configurator software to boost sales

You’ve launched your jewelry online store, and a few of your customers are saying they’d like to buy the same kind of ring as the one you’re wearing in your photos. But you can’t remember what it is called or how to describe it. There is a solution to your problem and it was successfully used by Alex and Ani jewelry company.

It would be a lot easier for your customers if you could just show them exactly what they were looking for, instead of having to search for it by themselves. That’s where a 3D product configurator comes in at Alex and Ani’s online jewelry store.

Alex and Ani’s 3D configurator success

Alex and Ani jewelry brand has successfully integrated Expivi’s 3D configurator software into their jewelry online store and their sales have increased. What is the reason? Alex and Ani let their customers virtually walk through their jewelry product and show customers what it looks like from all angles and in different lighting conditions. These American jewelry designers from Rhode island have proposed to their online customers to mix and match colors, textures, and charms with personal meaning to add to their created 3D jewelry models. When you come to purchase jewelry, you may select a special style that catches your eye for a closer look by means of the Expivi 3D product customizer.

Expivi product configurator benefits

A 3D product configurator from Expivi is a tool that lets you create 3D models of your products, then use them to visualize them in virtual reality. This can give online customers a better idea of what the finished product will look like, which can help them make more informed buying decisions.

The Expivi 3D product configurator can be a great tool for jewelry online stores, especially if you are selling custom jewelry. This feature allows customers to visualize their own design on a virtual model of the piece of jewelry and then choose which finish, setting, stone, or other customization they would like. Customers can also view the finished product and see how it looks in different settings.

There are several advantages to using Expivi:

  • It helps customers visualize their idea before making a purchase decision; It gives them a chance to see how the finished product will look worn;

  • It allows them to customize their purchased piece of jewelry any way they like;

  • It allows them to take advantage of special discounts offered by certain brands or retailers.

  • In addition, using a 3D product configurator can help you find out which parts of your product are most popular with buyers, allowing you to focus your marketing efforts on these areas.

Using all these obvious Expivi benefits can improve customer experience, reduce costs for production and selling, and minimize the time for personal customer assistance. As a result, Expivi 3D product customizer will boost online sales of your jewelry store as we observe from Alex ana Ani’s experience.