Here’s How To Use Whatsapp For Customer Awareness

Mainly all social media networks started focusing on personal relationships and connections centering around lifestyles. But companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat got business to their platforms to connect with their audience. WhatsApp has also joined by offering a free app for iOS and Android platforms called WhatsApp for Business. It allows you to directly engage through this platform in a personalized and targeted manner. Negocio WhatsApp benefits include customer engagement, brand promotion, as well as commerce opportunities.

Options for Accounts:

There are two types of accounts provided by WhatsApp for business that are suitable for companies according to their needs. While providing a convenient way to be available to customers, the regular business account helps separate personal and work messages. Additionally, automated greetings and other information are also available. It requires a different sim or a phone number to use your WhatsApp for personal and business use.

A WhatsApp API account designed for larger businesses might be a good option for growing companies. This pay-to-use platform is used for multiple users, providing opportunities for both customer service and sales teams to interact with their customers.

Tool for Engagement:

One of the primary features of WhatsApp Business is the messaging capabilities, as it allows a brand to connect with its audience & customers. As an open messaging platform, a company can send unlimited messages to potential customers or existing customers in multiple formats. Automating your responses also makes it possible to respond on time.

If a business has a lead or a phone number you can directly message, you can also send a greeting message by using WhatsApp Business. If a company has any products or services, they can share their catalogo with their initial client or lead.

Showcase for Product and Service:

WhatsApp Business also allows you to sell your products and services through features like WhatsApp Business Catalog. It enables you to share your products and services with the customers. You can also spotlight some offered features with photos, descriptions, and pricing information.

Customers can also add products directly to the cart or send a message about the products after getting the catalogar. This will work for companies that have physical stores upfront.


There are options that enable you to track key metrics about your customers. You can analyze the number of messages sent and delivered from specific phone numbers using the WhatsApp Business API. Additionally, it is possible to track recipients of particular numbers based on the number of messages they send. You will also be able to see the total estimated amount spent on messages. The Insights tab allows you to export and segment metrics by phone number, message type, and country.

Thus, we can clearly state that WhatsApp business is essential for all kinds of business. It is also important for the growth and brand awareness of the company.