Have Unwanted And Extra Gift Cards? Here’s What To Do

On birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations these days, many people tend to receive one type of gift in lots is gift cards. Yes, buying a gift can be a hectic choice for many; also, sometimes, finding the right gift that the other person will like can be confusing. To bypass this problem and gift something useful, gift cards have become way too popular lately. And, the best thing is that one can buy these gift cards from almost anywhere. They are sold at stores, malls, and even online. Simply buy prepaidgiftbalance cards by paying the value, and the person who is receiving it can redeem them at the same store before its expiry.

Unwanted gift cards

As mentioned above, gift cards are common these days and are an easy way to gift something. This is why one may end up with many gift cards by the end of the festive season or after anniversaries and birthdays. Even at times, one may end up with ungifted cards which they bought but could not gift. Most of the time, one may not use these gift cards even, as they do not go to those particular stores. Well, letting them sit in the drawer will be a waste of money as these cards hold a monetary value that can be redeemed. These cards are unwanted, but should not be thrown, in the bin. Instead, one can do one of the following mentioned steps to get good value from the cards.

What to do?

Here are some things that one can do to get rid of those cards and not let the value go to waste.


One of the best ways to get rid of any gift card is by gifting or re-gifting it. If one owns a few cards, they will not use them and gift them to someone who will. Re-gifting will save one’s money to buy a gift and not let the card go to waste. One can click here prepaid gift balance as well.


Many sites allow one to sell and auction their gift cards. One can put up an auction of their card and get a good value percentage of the buying price. One will be surprised at the number of people who are interested in buying gift cards online.


There are bartering sites that can be used to trade off the cards with something that one would want to buy. However, one should be careful while choosing these sites. One should also choose only those sites where there is any chance to find value against those gift cards.


Lastly, one can donate prepaid gift balance cards to some charity organization. Donating will make the one who is getting charity without spending much money. Also, one can write off these cards’ buying value as charity donations, which can then help lower the taxes paid.

Gift cards are quite common, but letting them sit unnecessarily until they expire is not wise. Instead, one should trade, donate, or re-gift them so that someone else can take benefit from them.