Exploding Creativity In Today’s World

Creativity has been known to develop from our surroundings since birth, both environment and family play a key role in promoting creativity in an individual. That debate between nature vs nurture is always at play. In this case creativity is developed as one grows gradually. Creativity has it’s own forms, characteristics or even attributes. Individuals showcase their talents in various aspects. The more recent trend is gardening.

Terrarium is a new found love for many. Being a new concept or idea we find many people engaging in this new concept. Terrarium is an idea that uses plants as an ornamental piece in which we find that a small plant is grown in a transparent sealable container, which is opened only to access the plant for maintenance. Many individuals even propose the idea that terrarium does not necessarily need only a completely sealable container but also one which has an opening to the atmosphere.

The fun empire

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