Enjoy the Benefits of Data Centre Power Management

Data centres are becoming more and more common for good reason. We as a society now have access to more information than ever before. What to do with that information becomes the million dollar question.

Having access to a ton of data is one thing but being able to implement it is another, which means having a data centre management system in place to help properly sort and use that data. It also means having a power management system in place to efficiently manage those centres.

Managing Equipment

Having the proper data centre power management means recognising areas of unnecessary energy consumption. For data centres, that means not only recognising equipment that is going unused but shutting it down.

For most data centres, nearly 20% of servers go unused. But those idle servers still consume nearly 75% of the energy that a fully-functional server does. With a power management solution, you can find all those stagnant machines and make better per-asset analysis decisions.

Consolidating Storage

As stated above, some servers are never used. With the ability to take all the data stored on these machines and consolidate them down, that means running less equipment than may have been previously thought.

When running less equipment, it means less power requirements. Less power requirements mean lower energy costs. That equipment will always be there to be used if necessary but saving on costs and space can be a huge benefit of a proper power management system.


What would be most surprising is the amount of data centres that think that their process has been virtualised. They have servers that are not suitable for their data storage needs and are running at less than optimal levels.

But with a power management system, you can provide an asset profile and even a per-asset cost and utilisation picture of the entire centre. That gives the executives the information that they need to decide where changes need to be made.

Virtualisation can also be used in multiple ways. Whether it is a high energy consumption planned effort or a low-utilisation effort, that depends on the strategy of that data. But getting more efficient and moving toward total virtualisation is something that most data centres would love but have not achieved. A data centre power management system helps make that a reality instead of a false truth.