Brief Guide On Advertising Using TikTok

The popularity of TikTok has skyrocketed in the field of social media since its launch in 2016. It has edged past fellow contenders like Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat and even Pinterest for catching the eyes of advertisers. Today we are going to walk you through the process of advertising on this platform.

  •         Log into TikTok Ads and hit the Campaign button followed by Create.
  •         Now choose amongst different objectives of directing more traffic towards your website, increasing app installation and conversion of potential clients.
  •         Next you will have to select placements manually or automatically. Your ad delivery will be optimized by TikTok for driving more traffic on selecting Automatic Placements.
  •         You can select amongst website or app promotions depending on the campaign objective.

o   URL of website pages are best for being manually added as they allow tracking advertising effectiveness in Google Analytics.

o   Display Name is your brand identity.

o   Advertising is optimized via TikTok Pixel.

o   Your audience will be shown the Profile Image having maximum size of 50 KB and aspect ratio of 1:1 as a part of the advertisement.

o   Category selection describes your promotion accurately.

o   Your website or app is described using appropriate keywords through Ad Tags. These are used by TikTok’s algorithm for being displayed to the preferred audience.

o   Turning on ‘User Comment’ will allow audience interaction on Vigo, TikTok, Helo and similar platforms.

  •         Turning on the Automated Creative Optimization option will trigger the system to automatically generate combinations using your images, ad texts and videos.
  •         In this step marketers can decide amongst the audience they wish to include in or exclude from the advertisement. This can be done by specifying age, gender, interests and even language.
  •         Now you need to determine the campaign budget. Here you can select a lifetime or daily budget which will cause the ad groups to stop once the spending limit is crossed. The scheduled duration of your TikTok advertisements will also have to be determined.
  •         TikTok Ads offers two optimization goals in the form of Conversation and Click. It shall be billed as Cost Per Click for ‘Click’ and Optimization Cost Per Click for ‘Conversions.’ Users can select between two delivery type options of Standard or Accelerate. Under the first one, the ad budget is used up during the scheduled time and under Accelerate it is spent with greater force.
  •         Finally, you will be directed towards the ad creation page. It is imperative to note here that only video ads are supported by TikTok. You can create ads quickly using TikTok template and choose a cover photo from the pre-selected video images.  Next just preview your creative and submit the ad after choosing amongst your desired CTA.


While the platform bears similarities to Facebook Ads Manager, it offers unique ad creation features acting as a point of distinction. To make the most of TikTok, marketers need to be well aware of the platform’s algorithm in terms of what they offer and the solutions which shall serve them best.